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Ebola…How to write about it and not scare the pants off everyone

I’ve been trying to think of the best way to address this Ebola scare. I’m far from a doctor or Ebola expert and I don’t want to add to the tidal wave of misinformation that’s sweeping across the internet. So I thought the best way is to let the professionals handle it and I turned to two blogs that are my go-to resources for medical information.

In this article at NeuroLogica Blog , Dr. Steven Novella takes a look at past Ebola epidemics and some of the reasons why they were able to spread so quickly. He then compares that to the U.S. and explains why he thinks we don’t have anything to worry about. It’s a very calm read that doesn’t stir emotions or get folks riled up. So, basically, completely opposite of just about everything else written about Ebola.

Next up is Dr. David Gorski and this article at Science-Based Medicine. He looks at some of the irrational conspiracy theories floating around and explains why they’re all a bunch of bunk.

It’s hard to stay on an even keel when such an unusual medical problem arises but these are good starting points when taking a reasonable look at what’s happening across the country.